Financial Freedom: 3 Experts Share Wealth-Building Tips

Unlock Financial Freedom: Expert Tips on Mortgages, Wealth Management, and Tax Planning

Welcome to Cube Consultancy’s latest podcast episode, where we delve into the essential strategies for achieving financial freedom. Join our host, Mark Munnelly, as he sits down with financial advisor Tim Lambert and mortgage expert Liam Stanbridge. Together, they provide invaluable insights into mortgages, wealth management, and effective tax planning. Whether you’re a business owner, a prospective homeowner, or simply looking to optimise your finances, this episode offers practical advice to help you take control of your financial future. Tune in and discover how to make informed decisions and build a secure financial foundation.

In this engaging podcast episode, Mark Munnelly from Cube Consultancy is joined by Tim Lambert, financial advisor, and Liam Stanbridge, mortgage expert, to provide invaluable insights into the worlds of accountancy, financial advising, and mortgages. This is a podcast that will truly enrich your understanding of these crucial financial topics.

Mark starts the session by introducing the team and outlining the discussion topics, including a series of quick-fire questions for Liam about mortgages. The conversation covers:

  • Fixed vs. Variable Rate Mortgages: Liam explains how the differences impact your monthly payments.
  • Wealth Management: Tim shares strategies for integrating wealth management with mortgage planning and tax efficiency.
  • Accountancy Tips: Mark delves into the importance of accurate bookkeeping and utilising accounting software like Xero for better financial management.
  • Tax Planning: The team discusses corporation tax, property investments through limited companies, and the benefits of tax-efficient planning.


Throughout the podcast, they emphasise the importance of holistic financial planning, which includes having a will, appropriate insurance, and emergency funds. They also highlight the value of working with knowledgeable advisors to navigate the complexities of financial decisions.

Whether you are a business owner, a prospective homeowner, or someone interested in optimising your financial future, this podcast provides practical advice and expert perspectives that you can easily apply to make informed decisions.


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:13 – Quick-fire mortgage questions for Liam
  • 03:45 – Fixed vs Variable Rate Mortgages
  • 08:00 – Wealth management and tax planning
  • 16:20 – Accountancy tips and The importance of accurate bookkeeping
  • 22:50 – Tax efficiency with property investments
  • 30:00 – The value of holistic financial planning
  • 37:00 – Advice for business owners on mortgage applications
  • 44:00 – Professional mortgages for various careers
  • 49:00 – Closing thoughts and next steps


Tune in to gain expert insights and take control of your financial future!


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