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Wealth Management Consultant and Financial Services.

Making and executing wills

The making of a will is straight forward and the easy part. We can assist in drawing one up at minimal cost. At the same time making sensible suggestions if there are certain assets to the living estate that could easily fall foul of aggressive tax regimes given certain trigger events.

We all know that most transfers within 7 years of death are potentially exempt; but what other matters should you ensure have been factored into the living will?

If you find yourself in the sadder scenario where you would appreciate or need a reliable third party to carry out the last will and testament of the deceased, we are there to assist and can 

work on either a fixed fee or assets realisation basis. Either way our ICAEW status and probate accounts and management will ensure all beneficiaries are treated fairly and in line with the deceased’s wishes.

wealth management wills

Wealth management consultant and discretionary trusts

For clients with reasonable sized initial capital deposits or assets, a discretionary trust structure may be the right choice. Especially when there are clearly defined objectives or future cash needs. For example school fees or later down the line university and vocational professional qualification funding.

Typically setup when grandchildren come into the family, or when asset transfers need to me made over short or long term horizons.

We have the partners to get you setup. 

Wealth Management Consultant

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

Of no concern to those with estates worth less than the current IHT threshold of £325,000 but let’s be realistic. Most of us could potentially fall foul of the IHT regime as the average house price in the UK continues to rise towards £500,000. At the very least most couples should consider effective use of the residence NIL rate band which for the next few years remains at £175,000. Make sure you are aware of the criteria behind the significant restrictions that HMRC can use to challenge its relevance.

Cubed can talk you through these.

Wealth Management Planning for the future

Sitting down with our network of fully accredited financial advisers, you will identify your short-term, medium and long-term needs.

Is your need for income now? Or is capital growth and appreciation the priority. We work with easy to understand, bespoke software and advisers that show simply what your preferred choices are likely to generate for you now and in the future.

And we only partner with those individuals that we work with ourselves.

Tax efficient investment – EIS VCT and other ideas

For higher rate tax payers, individuals wanting to get some benefit from their taxes already paid. You may wish to consider EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) and SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) qualifying investments. In essence this lowers your post tax cost of such an investment.

Alternatively liquidity and ability to value and spread risk could be of interest? For such folk a VCT (Venture Capital Trust) may be of interest. You are a shareholder of the trust not an individual company – thus benefitting for ALL investments held at the time you buy into the chosen VCT product. It sounds a bit complicated, but like everything – Cubed will strip the choices down to simple, understandable facts and then help you match your needs as appropriate

wealth management consultant


Katie Wellbelove

Katie Wellbelove

Cubed Consultancy have been helping me with my tax for the last 3 years. They have helped by simplifying a process that is confusing and som...

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Scott Harris

Scott Harris

Richard and the Team go over and above, Great service, Friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend for any accounting needs. Always there o...

5 months ago
Viren Solanki

Viren Solanki

Had the pleasure of speaking to the owner Mr Mark Munnelly through a friend of mine during Covid, was clearly getting over charged by my pre...

4 months ago

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