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What you’ll also find delivered by Cubed, is a number of holistic one of kind solutions and support services. We have helped several of our clients in a few ways including those below:

Fractional or Part-time Finance Director

Today in the UK, an ICAEW qualified, experienced director can be an expensive and always critical hire for any business. However, with current costs running from an average of £101,000 in Wales to £125,000 in London (source: Robert Half UK 2022 survey), it can be several years before your growing company can afford to bear that expense.

For a “fraction” of that cost, Cubed can provide the skills and coverage needed, when its needed. Perhaps to co-present an equity funding round to new investors, or to discuss funding covenants with you to this point helpful bank.

Cubed will be your financial support for a day, a week or once every quarter. You know, you decide what you can afford. Prices from £2,000 a day. Cubed has you covered.

Starting and Succeeding in a New Business

Business Process Reviews (BPR)

Sometimes you just want an external set of eyes, to look at the processes that your business relies upon. From control of cash in retail to a best of breed purchase order processing method with appropriate authorisations.

Cubed can document and identify the key points of control within your business and help to fine-tune each in turn to maximise delivery of stakeholder value. Worth doing or re-doing once every few years as maximise outcomes from you already have is usually an over-looked cost saving.

CIFAS monitoring and markers.

The Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System – or CIFAS – is a very little known or written about database that sits somewhere in the Cloud and is a pay to subscribe to service that since 1988 has set out to prevent financial fraud. Most people are blissfully unaware of its existence – until one day when applying for credit, the” computer says no”.

Often with catastrophic impact on the individual, and often due to an incorrect marker being placed on the individual’s record. We know. It happened to us.

You will then see it at the foot of your credit rating agency report and your credit score will have crumbled.

Sound familiar? Come to the team with a 100% success rate in removing incorrectly recorded markers. Its not instant. But typically, within 4-8 weeks we can eliminate its horrendous impact.


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Outsourced finance department.

Financial control, bookkeeping, bank reconciliations and other business accounting and analysis come at a price. Sometimes there’s a need for an inhouse financial controller, sales ledger team and an accounts payable function. But for some businesses, often in those early years it’s a function that is not readily affordable.

At Cubed you can outsource all or some of that virtual team’s function for a monthly affordable price. Bespoke solutions including @accountspayable @creditcontrol inbox monitoring we provide for several hundred clients; prices from £100 – £10,000 per month depending on what you and your company need.

Human resources and company secretarial service.

People are our greatest asset! – how many times have you heard companies and business owners say that? Ut are you walking the walk.

Navigating the current framework of UK employment legislation can be daunting. But breaking down what you need to do, into clear, concise deliverables, that are best practice can also be opportunities to get the most from your team.

Contracts of employment, employee handbooks, the appraisal process, training programmes and focused improvement plans with goal orientated objectives, can accelerate business success.

Our HR team can advise and assist building these core foundations.

And where once the company secretary was a key board member and officer of the company, today the role is mostly one of ensuring Companies House is always updated and forms filed on time and accurately.

Let us help you record your capital restructures, maintain your board minutes, and document the ordinary or special resolutions that Company Law requires of you. Cubed’s got you covered!

Credit Control

The biggest consumer of cash in a business offering credit to its customers is almost inevitably that money tied up in your trade debtors. We see literally millions of pounds every day being “borrowed” by our clients’ customers – and they aren’t even paying interest.

Some businesses turn to expensive invoice financing solutions, but inevitably you simply end up paying interest on money that your customers have paid but the debts that won’t pay end up disallowing that money from hitting your own bank account.

Cubed operate a tailored credit control solution; with experienced sales ledger personnel ensuring every customer knows how much they owe, agree what they owe and most importantly have you scheduled for payment on the exact right date.

Pricing is based on the size of your sales ledger – from less than 20 debtors owing £50,000 to 1,000 plus and debts running into millions; Cubed has you covered.

External benchmarking services.

You took the risk of starting up, the business is growing nicely but now you feel you should or could be doing better. But what aspects of your business.

Of course, if you still can’t find the support or other service that you are looking for, just reach out to and someone will call you straight back.

Finance can be a daunting subject, but everything can be broken down into a number of manageable chunks. At the end of the day, it’s just adding up numbers, and we’ve been adding up a lot of numbers for a long time. You’re in safe hands.

Large enough to meet all your financial needs. Small enough to know your name when you call.


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