Join Cubed Consultancy in their enlightening podcast episode featuring Jamie Wood, the visionary behind Woodies Limited. Dive deep into Jamie’s transformative journey from a passionate smoker to a pioneering entrepreneur in the world of cannabis-derived products. Discover the magic of terpenes, nature’s own essential oils, and learn about Jamie’s innovative ventures, from unique CBD vape experiences to collaborations with cocktail bars. A tale of passion, innovation, and resilience, this episode sheds light on turning personal challenges into thriving business opportunities.

The world of cannabis, Key Points

  1. Hosted by Cubed Consultancy: The video is a podcast episode where Jamie Wood is invited to discuss his journey in business.
  2. Jamie Wood’s Association with Cubed: Jamie has been a client of Cubed Consultancy for nearly four years, and they’ve had a close professional relationship since he incorporated his company, Woodies Limited, in July 2019.
  3. Focus on Cannabis Plant: Jamie’s business revolves around different parts of the cannabis plant. While he initially delved into CBD, he has now shifted his focus to terpenes.
  4. Terpenes: Jamie explains that terpenes are similar to essential oils extracted from plants, such as lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree. These are extracted using steam and are completely legal.
  5. CBD and Terpenes Vape Machine: Jamie introduces a vape machine that uses CBD combined with orange-flavored terpenes. This machine is used to produce a unique vape experience with the flavor and benefits of CBD and terpenes.
  6. Collaboration with Cocktail Bar: Jamie mentions a collaboration with a cocktail bar where he developed a unique drink. The drink features a Chinese dragon theme with jasmine-flavored smoke produced using his terpenes.
  7. Range of Products: Jamie’s website offers a variety of products across different segments. The video touches upon some of these products, especially those that help with anxiety using CBD pens flavored with cannabis-derived terpenes.
  8. Personal Experience: Jamie shares a personal story about how he was a heavy smoker and experienced a minor heart issue. This incident seems to have influenced his journey into the world of CBD and terpenes.

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