Chris Clark – What financial experience does for your business

Angel Investors

We were pleased to invite Chris Clark on our Cubed podcast to talk about his journey to success . An accountant by day and Grey Hound racer by night, Chris explains to us how having a financial background can help you and your business go to the next level. Tune in to hear Chris’s unique […]

Tysons Raw – Linda’s Story

Tysons Raw

We were pleased to invite Linda on our Cubed podcast to talk about her incredible journey . From having nothing to now owning a thriving 6 figure business after lock-down, Linda is a true entrepreneur. Tune in to hear how we have helped her on Tysons Raw, journey to success. Follow us on all platforms: […]

Tim Lambert: Financial adviser

Angel Investors

Join us for an enlightening episode of the Cubed Consultancy podcast, as we sit down with renowned financial adviser Tim Lambert. In this captivating conversation, Tim shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of finance, providing invaluable insights and advice for listeners seeking to navigate the complexities of personal and investment finance. […]

What Are Angel investors And Why Consider Them?

Angel Investors

What Are Angel investors And Why Consider Them? Clubhouse Session Explore the world of angel investing in this enlightening Clubhouse session. Dive deep into the mindset of high net worth individuals who take the leap to back promising startups. Understand the risks they undertake, the due diligence process, and the potential rewards that await if […]

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