Empowering Success: The Unstoppable Rise of the Usyk Dubois Fight Phenomenon

Cubed Consultancy & Daniel Dubois: A Winning Partnership in the Boxing Ring of Finance

In the high-stakes world of professional boxing, there’s far more to consider than just the opponent in the ring. Behind every successful boxer, there’s a team of professionals ensuring their financial health is as robust as their physical form. For heavyweight boxer Daniel Dubois, that support comes from Cubed Consultancy, a leading accountancy firm.

Usyk Dubois Fight

Comprehensive Payroll Services

Professional sports are rife with complex payroll issues, from bonuses and incentives to sponsorships and endorsement deals. Cubed Consultancy adeptly manages all aspects of Daniel’s payroll, ensuring he receives every penny he’s earned and that all obligations are met on time.

Year-End Accounts

Boxing is unpredictable, but with Cubed Consultancy, Dubois can always expect meticulous management of his year-end accounts. They take the stress out of the year-end financial processes, ensuring everything is in order and fully compliant with regulatory standards.

Tax Planning & Advice

Taxation is a minefield for high earners like Dubois. With global income sources and fluctuating earnings, it’s essential to have a strategic approach to tax. Cubed offers forward-thinking tax planning, ensuring that Daniel is always in the best possible position come tax time.

Expertise on Fights & Contracts

The financial implications of each fight are substantial. From purse splits to pay-per-view percentages, the consultancy advises on potential earnings, guiding Daniel in making informed decisions. They also assist in reviewing contracts, ensuring that Daniel’s best interests are always front and centre.

Navigating International Financial Waters

Boxing is a global sport, and Daniel often fights in different corners of the world. Each location comes with its own set of financial regulations and implications. Cubed Consultancy guides on these international issues, ensuring that regardless of where he’s fighting, Daniel’s finances remain protected.

Personal Tax Management

Aside from his boxing income, Dubois has personal financial interests that require expert management. Cubed Consultancy ensures that his personal tax affairs are in order, from property holdings to other investments.

Direct Liaison with HMRC

Dealing with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) can be daunting. Thankfully, Cubed Consultancy stepped in to deal directly with HMRC on Daniel’s behalf, handling any queries or issues that might arise, saving him time and potential headaches.


In the boxing ring, every punch counts, and outside it, every penny does. With the expert financial guidance of Cubed Consultancy, Daniel Dubois can focus on what he does best: boxing. The partnership between this heavyweight champion and the consultancy firm ensures that while Dubois is taking care of opponents in the ring, his finances are being expertly managed outside of it.

Audley Harrison on Usyk Dubois Fight

I had a sneak peak with team Dubois while in camp, and while we didn’t make it work for this fight, I feel we connected on the same wavelength.

The reality for Dubois, Usyk is a fighting vet with a solid amateur & professional pedigree, so he’s used to this level of opponent, but Dubois has a puncher’s chance for sure and if he can implement some the below, he could cause an upset.

The keys to victory are as follows -

1. He needs to take away Usyk’s probing jab, chop it away hard, from a high guard and step across without taking clean shots,

2. He must jab to set everything up (flick, power, double) so he can hide his right hand — don’t just go for head, straight right to body, or long uppercut to hip or cup (no apologies)

3. Must keep cutting of the ring, both ways, switch it up, keep gloves on high on whiskers.

4. He has to be 100% locked in on Defense ( once he’s punched), hands up, step around; he can’t stay there waiting in the fire zone with chin exposed (this is most important)

5a. Add a bounce, can’t be flat footed like AJ was in his fight with Usyk - bounce (feint) jab, so usyk will have to work a little harder to find his range 🔥

5b. Hit body, hip, shoulders, start early, and stick with it … 100% do this - step on his right toe repeatedly…

6. If hurt, tie him up, lean on him, put your weight on him, in fact, every clinch, you should be leaning on him, doubling him over so his energy gets depleted,

7. If he’s hurt, don’t get carried away, take your time, be clinical, set up the finish with jabs and feints … keep RIGHT HAND HIGH (he will loop over wide lefts)

8. Expect a 12 round fight, so you’ll need your second wind to kick in, but fight one round at a time …

9. Keep strong mentally, but you only need to stay focused for 3 mins each round, then reset and go again,

10- Visualize - see the victory in your mind, see your game-plan clear by fight time -

Usyk Vs. Dubois

Daniel Dubois Stats

How to watch Usyk Dubois Fight

The action will get underway at 6pm UK time with the main event at around 11pm.

It will be available to watch live in the UK on TNT Sports Box Office from 6pm and will cost £19.95.

TNT Sports is the new name for BT Sport and more details can be found here

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