“As a start-up freelance training business I was nervous about the administrative burden that might come with. Cubed Consultancy dealt with all aspects for a really reasonable fixed monthly cost.”


“After submitting my tax returns one year I innocently asked what they thought would be a good way to invest my rebate. They introduced me to an investment which returned 8% on my money that my bank was offering to do me a favour in paying 2%. They understand all aspects of proactive Wealth Management.”


“I had various offers for my architects’ practice but was totally unsure how much it was worth. The partners at Cubed met with me, explained the 3 main ways to value what I had created, and between us we set a target price to achieve. I sold 4 months later for a price 25% higher than that target!”


“I was struggling to grow my business; the guys at Cubed introduced me to several of their clients who worked in Social media and between us we agreed a marketing strategy that I could afford and grew by business by 120% in the first full year. It is hard to put a value on the network they can introduce you to.”


“Cubed recommended that I transition from Sole Trader to operating through a Limited Company. They clearly explained the benefits and disadvantages, but the new structure has meant more flexible working arrangements and an ability for the first time to manage legitimately my tax liability each year.”