Investments and Wealth Management


The minimum investment accepted into products for which Cubed Consultancy acts as introductory agent is only £10,000.

Asset Backed

As detailed in each investments fact sheet, strong investment returns generated by real businesses borrowing at rates they can provable afford.

Strong Returns

At or above highest ISA and OTC bond income levels currently available to European residents.

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Currently Cubed Consultancy is making introductions for High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors in 3 products, offering a range of yields and maturitites. ISA products’ returns are tax free to UK residents. Other returns quoted are gross as per the face of the investment certificates, and individuals should check their personal tax position, which is largely driven by residency tests. Structures facilitating minimal tax leakage are available on request.

Current Investment Opportunities

3 year USD bond paying 8.0% gross per annum

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5 year GBP bond, UK ISA approved, FCA registered, paying 9.6% per annum

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2 year GBP bond paying 6.0% gross per annum

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