Navigating the Self Assessment Tax Return

What You Need to Know and Pros & Cons of Using an Accountant

As the year draws to a close, individuals across the United Kingdom prepare for the annual Self Assessment tax return deadline, which falls on 31st January 2024. This crucial financial task can be stressful for many, but it can be a manageable and even advantageous process with the right preparation and perhaps some professional assistance.

Self Assessment Tax Return

What You Need to Know: Self Assessment Tax Return

1. Key Dates: The deadline for filing your Self Assessment tax return is 31st January 2024, for the tax year ending on 5th April 2023. Missing this deadline can result in financial penalties, so it’s crucial to start preparing early.

2. Who Needs to File: Self Assessment is typically required for self-employed individuals who receive rental income, have significant savings or investments, or fall under any other category outlined by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). However, even if you’re not required to file, it can be beneficial to do so to claim tax refunds, report changes in income, or benefit from other tax reliefs.

3. Required Documents: To complete your Self Assessment tax return accurately, you’ll need various documents, including:

  • Details of your income and expenses
  • P60 or P45 forms from your employer
  • Bank statements
  • Receipts for business expenses
  • Records of rental income and expenses
  • Any other relevant financial documents


Pros and Cons of Using an Accountant: Self Assessment Tax Return

While it’s possible to complete your Self-assessment tax return independently, many individuals opt to hire an accountant for their expertise. Here are the pros and cons of seeking professional assistance:


  1. Expertise and Accuracy: Accountants are well-versed in tax laws and regulations, ensuring that your return is accurate and compliant with current legislation. This can help you avoid costly errors or audits.
  2. Time-Saving: Preparing a tax return can be time-consuming, especially if your financial situation is complex. Accountants can handle the paperwork, allowing you to focus on business or personal matters.
  3. Tax Optimisation: Accountants can identify deductions and tax-saving opportunities you might overlook, potentially reducing your overall tax liability.
  4. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your tax return is in the hands of a professional can provide peace of mind and reduce stress during tax season.


  1. Cost: Hiring an accountant can be expensive, and the fees vary depending on the complexity of your financial situation. You’ll need to weigh this cost against the potential benefits.
  2. Limited Control: Some individuals prefer complete control over their financial matters and may find it challenging to delegate this responsibility to an accountant.
  3. Dependency: Relying on an accountant may result in a lack of understanding of your finances. It’s essential to stay informed and engaged in your financial matters, even if you use professional assistance.

In conclusion, as the self-assessment tax return deadline approaches, it’s crucial to gather the necessary documents and prepare for this annual financial task. Whether you choose to tackle it yourself or enlist the help of an accountant, staying informed and organised is vital to a successful and stress-free tax season.

Remember that Cubed Consultancy is here to assist you with your tax needs. Our team of experienced accountants is ready to provide the expertise and support you require to navigate the self-assessment tax return process effectively. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation before the deadline approaches.


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