Sports and Entertainment Accounting

Accounting and Financial Services for the Sports and Entertainment Industry

Managing finances can be difficult for any company, but it’s particularly tricky for businesses in the sports and entertainment industry because they handle a wide range of income streams from ticket sales to merchandise sales and sponsorships. Cubed Consultancy can be your partner in streamlining these processes so that everything is properly tracked without wasting time or money on unnecessary paperwork. 

We Help Companies with Their Tax, Accounting, and Financial Support Needs

While accounting and finance services are used in all industries, the sports and entertainment industry needs a unique approach to these services.  And that’s where we come in—we help business owners in the sports and entertainment industry get the most out of their teams, shows, and events by providing a completely tailored solution for all our client’s business needs.

How Cubed Consultancy Can Assist Your Company

Bookkeeping and Payroll

We can provide bookkeeping and payroll services for any size sports and entertainment company with ease; we’ll work with you to keep your business organised, streamlined, and running smoothly.



We have a team of professionals who have been recognised as thought leaders in the world of tax services and financial planning offering services for the sports and entertainment industry.


Wealth Management

As a premier financial service provider to the sports and entertainment industry, we are here to assist you in developing wealth management strategies that meet your specific needs.


Audit and Forensic

Cubed Consultancy’s highly advanced audit, forensic and anti-corruption services for the sports and entertainment industry assist clients in reducing risks, improving governance, and expanding their businesses.


Corporate Finance

Our corporate finance specialists will provide critical advice on the financial needs of your company, including business planning, strategic planning, and risk management.


Support Services for the Sports and Entertainment Industry

We’re a full-service agency; our team of consultants brings their diverse backgrounds in sports management and marketing to bear on helping our clients achieve their goals.

Why Sports and Entertainment Clients Choose Us

  • We have a solid background in the field. 

We have years of experience in the industry helping you manage your finances and stay on top of the latest trends so you can focus on what matters most: your customers.


  • We have a good understanding of how the industry works. 

Our team has been providing services to sports and entertainment clients for many years and we know what it takes to succeed in this industry. 


  • We’re quick and reliable. 

We offer quick turnaround times on everything from tax returns to monthly bookkeeping services so that you don’t have to worry about letting anything fall through the cracks. 


Let’s Work Together

We’re here to help your sports and entertainment company with tax, accounting, and financial support needs. If you’re looking for a new partner in your business, we’d love to talk with you. Get in touch with us today!

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