Rising Titan: How Daniel Dubois’s Raw Power and Grit Can Dethrone the Heavyweight Maestro Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk vs. Daniel Dubois

In the world of boxing, the unexpected often becomes a reality. History reveals numerous examples of fighters who’ve pulled off stunning upsets against seemingly invincible champions. When Daniel Dubois, the underdog, faces Oleksandr Usyk, the reigning heavyweight champion, many believe he faces insurmountable odds given his relatively limited experience. But in the unpredictable arena of boxing, here are reasons why Dubois might surprise everyone:

Usyk Vs. Dubois

Raw Power

One of Dubois’ most significant advantages is his sheer punching power. While Usyk is known for his technical prowess and ring IQ, Dubois can end a fight with just one punch. If he can land a clean shot, Usyk might find himself in uncharted territory.

Youthful Energy

At 24, Dubois has the advantage of youth on his side. This can translate into greater stamina, allowing him to maintain a high pace and potentially outlast a more experienced opponent.

Improving Skill Set

While Dubois may have started his career relying on his power, recent fights have shown an improved boxing IQ and better defensive manoeuvres. His evolution as a fighter is evident.

Mental Toughness

Having faced adversity early in his career, Dubois has demonstrated resilience and the ability to return stronger. This mental toughness can be a game-changer in a high-stakes match.

The Element of Surprise

Usyk may underestimate Dubois due to his limited experience, potentially leaving him vulnerable to unexpected strategies and punches. Dubois can exploit this to his advantage.

Daniel Dubois certainly has the power to make a difference in the fight. He's a strong puncher, which makes him a threat throughout the match. However, Usyk's superior skill and experience will cause Daniel to make mistakes and walk on to more impactful shots.

It wouldn't shock me if Usyk defeats Daniel, but Dubois will always have that puncher's edge.

Training Camp and Coaching

Dubois has surrounded himself with an excellent team studying Usyk’s style meticulously. With the right game plan and tactics, they can exploit potential weaknesses in Usyk’s defence and strategy.


As the underdog, Dubois has everything to gain and relatively little to lose. This can motivate him to push beyond his limits, surprising even himself.

Adaptable Style

Dubois has shown in recent bouts that he’s more than just a power puncher. His ability to adapt to his opponent’s style might be crucial when facing someone as versatile as Usyk.

In conclusion, while on paper Oleksandr Usyk might be the favourite due to his vast experience and impressive record, the beauty of boxing lies in its unpredictability. Daniel Dubois has the power, the youth, the improving skills, and the sheer determination to pull off what could be one of the most memorable upsets in heavyweight boxing history.

How and where to watch

The action will get underway at 6pm UK time with the main event at around 11pm.

It will be available to watch live in the UK on TNT Sports Box Office from 6pm and will cost £19.95.

TNT Sports is the new name for BT Sport and more details can be found here

Dubois is a natural heavyweight, carrying a kind of innate force Usyk might not have encountered before. It’s a different world when you face someone born for this weight class.

Usyk Dubois Fight

Daniel Dubois Stats

2 Responses

  1. Usyk’s technical prowess is admirable, but Dubois has the raw strength to turn the tide in an instant.

  2. There’s power, and then there’s Dubois’ power. It’s the kind that writes boxing legends

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