Cubed Consultancy

How We Can Benefit You and Your Business

Who We Are and What We Do

The advent of the Internet and social media has seen a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and self-run businesses rise and flourish over the last decade or so. Lots of people may not think it, but all those self proclaimed influencers and models we see on Instagram often have a team of people helping them run their account behind the scenes. One of the biggest areas that anyone trying to start their own business may need help with is their money and finances. While not a particularly fun or engaging part of their vocations, it's a crucial one that can make or break anyone looking to keep their business afloat. In desperate times, you'll often wish that there was someone who could help you out. Well, we can do you one better; we can keep you from getting to that desperate stage in the first place!

Cubed Consultancy is an accountancy and consultancy firm based in Hertfordshire & London that aims to simplify the accounting and tax experience that can send shivers down the spine of the new entrepreneur or anyone new to self-employment. Our services and support take this often daunting and stressful part of self employment and break it down to make it easier to understand for the client. We've built up our company and our reputation quite quickly thanks to the glowing referrals from our existing clients and our generous customer referral program, where clients can earn commission for new clients they introduce to us. How nice!

We offer a range of services that cover every area that you may find yourself having to deal with, such as accounting, bookkeeping, wealth management and many more. You don't need a full understanding of all of them, but getting a grasp of what they entail can leave you better equipped to run your business.

How We Can Help

Say you're a budding social media entrepreneur. You have everything going your way; lots of followers, plenty of likes and engagement, and a string of slick, professional looking posts. Brand deals are coming in and you're feeling great! That is, until the person on the other end of your deal starts negotiating figures and finances and you break a sweat remembering you only got a C in GCSE Maths. It's natural to panic and feel overwhelmed when a lot of numbers and phrases start to fly your way, especially if you don't have much experience handling them before. A situation like this is where it's useful to have somebody with knowledge in these areas helping you. If all you need is simply someone keeping track of your finances, us here at Cubed Consultancy have your back.

The Advantages of Good Accounting

Although there are many advantages to having good accountancy, three crucial ones are:

  1. Keeping on top of your payments so you can accurately monitor incomes and losses.
  2. Being able to properly budget all your expenses and future projects for the year.
  3. The stress of filling out forms and taxes is lessened by having everything organised and where you need it to be.

Let's break these down. Firstly, when it comes to your accounts, the most obvious and important thing to look at is what's coming in and out of your account. Properly monitoring these transactions instead of assuming on good faith that they're all going as intended is strongly advised. It's very easy to look at a bank statement and wonder what that strange company is that took £30 from your account last week, or wonder how you got paid such a large sum of money from your last job when you were told it would be a smaller figure. Should any problems arise, having an accountancy firm or consultant checking over your business transactions is the best way to solve any problems quickly and efficiently.

Budgeting is also a skill that doesn't come easily to some people, and as impressive as young influencers or entrepreneurs may be, many of them usually struggle with balancing their expenses with what they earn! One of the services that Cubed offers is helping you plan and budget your finances so you can plan accordingly for the coming financial year and spread your expenses out evenly between investments, bills, and payments; you don't want to blow all your cash at once and then have to sell your shiny new Xbox to pay for your rent next month, do you?

Last but impossible not to mention, taxes. We can never take away the sheer horror that comes from the “T” word, but we can make the whole ordeal less stressful for you. Here at Cubed, part of our tax services is not only making sure that everything is filled out in a timely manner, but that you are paying the correct amount of tax, which also means ensuring you're not paying too much of it! We're not just here to keep you out of deep water, but to help you save some hard earned money where we can. It goes without saying that tax planning is an ongoing (and seemingly never ending) part of running a business, so if you choose to let us help you with it, you'll be working very closely with our team so we can keep on top of it throughout the year and minimise your liability, meaning you can have more peace of mind and spend more brain power focusing on your business!

Why You Should Choose Cubed

Time to really toot our own horn. If you've read this far then you should understand the important of having an accounting consultant help you with your finances; however, it's important to choose the one that's right for you. The aim here is to tell you why you should choose Cubed Consultancy to help you with that service (what a surprise!), so we'll skip the subtle persuasion and just tell you straight up why we'd be a great agency to work with.

In addition to our team being friendly and easy to talk to, we are also fully qualified and have a large depth of knowledge and experience with finances, accounting and consulting clients. We briefly touched on it before, but Cubed has grown very quickly over the last few years due to testimonials from previous clients who have and still do enjoy a fruitful working relationship with us. We like to believe that this positive feedback comes from the close relationship we have with our clients; in order to really alleviate the pressures of owning a small business, we try to absorb much of the financial demands as possible in order for you to keep the rest of your business up and running. To do that, we work closely with our clients so we fully understand their goals and how much their business is earning and costing them. We also try to save you as much money as possible on your taxes, and even spot you better deals when it comes to earning back through interest or selling your shares or business! Our customer referral program is also incentive for our clients to introduce others looking for some help, whereby a client earns commission from every client they introduce. All this and more is offered by our company for a reasonable fixed price. We aren't a bog standard consulting firm that is only interested in being paid and telling you what you want to hear; we maintain a close relationship with our clients because we are genuinely interested in getting them the best possible outcome from their business ventures and seeing their passions thrive!

The Bottom Line

Anyone who's tried to start up a business or sell a product knows how difficult it can be to even get your foot through the door. The world can be very unforgiving, so when you finally do get your big break, don't waste it by carelessly throwing daunting aspects such as finances and budgeting to the wind; nurture and respect your business by seeking professional and experienced help at Cubed Consultancy, so you can keep on top of all your payments, your budgets and those dreaded taxes so you don't have to spend any more time fretting over them than necessary. The better prepared you are to get your business off the ground, the more likely it is that it will thrive, and as is the case a lot of the time, everything is more manageable with a team of reliable people around you.

If you have any queries or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. All our details are available on the 'Contact' page of our website should you wish to do so. We also plan to post monthly blogs such as this to our website to give examples of how Cubed can help you with your accounts in any aspect or type of business, just so you can really see what we can do for you!