We are hosting a live Q&A session on 5 Tax Optimisation Tips for 2022. We would like to invite you to attend this session where you can learn about different ways to optimise your tax and get an overview of what’s happening in the tax world in the upcoming year.

This is a FREE virtual event that you will not want to miss!

Session: Q&A session on 5 Tax Optimisation Tips for 2022
Where: Clubhouse app
When: Wednesday 2nd February 2022 at 8pm

Here are steps to follow to join the discussion:

Step 1: Download Clubhouse App from here (click here).
Step 2: Join our Cubed Club on Clubhouse App by clicking here (Cubed Club).
Step 3: Set a reminder and do not forget to join.

Looking forward to speaking with you at the live Q&A session about 5 Tax Optimisation Tips for 2022.

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